Konstnär på Flykt – intervju med Alena Lisova

Vi möter Alena Lisova idag, en konstnär från Ukraina, Kiev som flydde från kriget.

Alena berättar om sin konst, inspiration, och sin resa till Sverige.

Se hela intervjun här: https://youtu.be/hLDRAEU3hyA

Hi Alena, It is very nice to meet you! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I was born in Kryvyi Rih, and after I finished school, I moved to Kiev to study in university and live in
Kiev. In my childhood while I lived in Kryvyi Rih, I was doing sports. A lot of sports. I was a swimmer, and between my trainings I loved to paint and to draw. After I left Kryvyi Rih and moved to Kiev, I left big sports, and I spent all my spare time with painting.

I traveled a lot and those travelings left kind of big impact on my works. I think most of
the painters works are about themselves, I am sure I am also one of these artists. It’s about me and Ukraine.

What inspires you? Where do you get your inspiration from for your art?

The whole world is inspiration for me. Like I can listen to very sensitive music for example, or any kind of situation between different people, that I have seen, or even just a person I met and started to talk with. It all can be a subject to inspire.

What kind of projects did you work on in the past? Any particular projects that you liked?

The first projects came from closer friends. I always produce art for myself, not to perform to somebody else.
But of course, sometimes I show my works to friends, and those friends become inspired in their way. One of them was interested to transfer one of the drawing as a tattoo, and after that there was interest from my friend who is a designer of clothes and she wanted to collaborate.

You showed me a little book earlier, the only actual art that you could take with you to Sweden. Can you tell me about that book?

The idea of the book appeared in the night, when I realized that I cannot be with my daughter all the time. And it’s not even about being with her all the time, but it’s about supporting her, when she will need support or advice, and I would not be able to be connected with her.
So I decided to make a kind of book that will motivate her, that will give some kind of advices, and support in hard moments of her life. I am painting by hand, and still continuing.

Can you tell me how did you and your family ended up in Sweden?

I was try to save the family, and just take them out at least from Kiev. So we started to travel in western direction. We were just making decisions as we were going. It was not like we had an idea what we have to do. It
was happening so fast, and it was changing every hour the direction that we were moving.

I was trying to connect with my friends who are living in different countries and I was connected with my
friend from Sweden. Unfortunately Alenas parents and all of our friends are left in Ukraine.

Can you tell me about your plans now, moving forward?

Well, for now we are in Sweden, so I plan with that, and in my plans I want to paint as much time as possible, and I hope that I can part take in some exhibitions soon maybe.

And I can only hope that the works that will be in exhibition will be seen by people and they will get
all those vibrations that I put in my art. I am always painting with the understanding of good vibes that I try to put in my art. So I hope that those vibes will give some warmth and energy for people who will see them.

Thank you for your time, and that you shared your story with us. Any parting thoughts?

Well, I want for this world to be love, and happiness, and peace of course.

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