Cecilia Flaten

Santiago, Chile




She is the representative of the Chilean-Norwegian culture. In her continuous game of colors, Cecilia Flaten searches for creating a dialog between light and shadow. Strong tonalities fall from the skies, which does not let us clearly figure out if they are images from the internal sight, from the memories or from the dreams, and they radiate an abstract peace similar to silence.

Her work is a big meditation on natural elements. Flaten mixes the fluent atmosphere of the sky with a soft appearance of the horizon. This mixture attracts the landscapes towards less defined and more abstract images.

Her work captures the interaction of the light over the landscape, reaching an atmospheric perspective. Her painting proves a lot of time dedicated to the contemplation of the environment . The traces are careful and discreet. In her artwork, the artist shows how the landscape may look beautiful in its deformity.
It is as if one could breath in the mild air and feel the clouds coming down.

Cecilia Flaten’s works are inspired in the Scandinavian Mythology, in the Midnight Sun, in the Northern Dawns, in the lands of the Arctic and of the Patagonia.

The works recall on us perhaps intellectuals, perhaps real landscapes, which, in a poetic game, let us see the magic and the strength of her Norwegian roots, always present in the spirit and the mind of Cecilia Flaten, obtaining in Europe as well as in the United States, the name of ”The Painter of the Magic Lights”.

She will have an exhibition this year on June from 5-25 , in S9Galleri , Oslo.
See here: https://sverdrupsgate9.no/utstillinger/flaten-bravo-hauptvogel

E-post: flaten@flaten.cl